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Domestic Relations

Divorce & Domestic Relations Law

Divorce is never easy and the last thing you need to worry about is paperwork and the stress of navigating the court system on your own.  David will handle your case professionally and with dignity to ensure a satisfactory result for a reasonable fee.

If your divorce is uncontested, the attorney fee starts at $600 plus court costs (currently the initial filing fee is $259.50 in Hamilton County if there are children or $184.50 if there are no children) and travel costs (only if you live outside Hamilton County).  This fee includes the drafting of your Complaint for Divorce, the Marital Dissolution Agreement (MDA), the Final Decree of Divorce, and David's appearance with you at your final hearing.  

The law requires an MDA agreed upon by both parties that outlines the distribution of marital property and debt. If there are minor children in the marriage, a parenting plan outlining visitation and child support will also need to be agreed upon.  This will be drafted for you for an additional fee. Hamilton County also requires that both parents complete a four-hour parenting class. 
If you and your spouse cannot agree on an MDA or a parenting plan, you will be billed hourly legal fees at $200 per hour and asked to pay an initial retainer (deposit) of $2,000 in addition to any filing fees.

Ask David about special rates for unmarried parents with ongoing custody or child support issues in Juvenile Court.

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