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Criminal Defense

David Veazey actively practices in the General Sessions, Criminal, Juvenile, and Municipal Courts of Hamilton and the surrounding counties.  He has helped a number of clients successfully navigate the treacherous waters of the criminal justice system in Tennessee.

If the police think you are involved in a crime, before you talk to police to "tell your side of the story" or "cooperate so the D.A. gives you a fair deal," call David as soon as possible to talk about your options.   

If you are arrested or cited, David will work with you to resolve your case in the "wheeling and dealing" of General Sessions Court.  If the District Attorney does not see things your way, you and David can take it up to the next level in Criminal Court where you can ultimately have a jury decide your case.

Whether it is a misdemeanor or the most serious felony, David will fight with you for justice every step of the way.

Part of his commitment to service includes access to justice.  If you are truly indigent and charged with a crime, you should apply to the court for the public defender to represent you.  However, every day people are in court who cannot qualify for a public defender but still cannot afford private attorneys' high fees.  You should not have to choose between paying your bond to get out of jail and paying an attorney.  David will work with you on an individual basis to find an affordable fee arrangement.

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